Best Landscaping & Lawn Care Services in West Michigan

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Lawn Care Considerations

Lawn Care Big Rapids, MI Your landscape is a combination of various features and elements and most garden and yard spaces have lawns on them. These areas lend freshness and greenery to the immediate surroundings and provide an ideal backdrop for various other elements in the landscape. This makes it important to ensure you hire a good company for lawn installation and maintenance.

When you want excellent lawn care services, you need to look no further than Pro-Turf Outdoor Services. They cater to customers in and around Big Rapids, Stanwood, Morley, Traverse City and Acme. Over the years, they have also handled projects for customers in and around Williamsburg, Mount Pleasant, Remus, Cadillac as well as Reed City. The company handles a number of different jobs, such as:


The landscape spaces in the outdoor areas of your home will have a number of features and installations on them, such as plants, trees and bushes as well as masonry elements etc. When the landscape is being designed and built, care has to be taken to use the right materials and good workmanship. This ensures the landscaping will look good and last for a number of years without any trouble.

Lawn Mower

Lawn mowing becomes a very important aspect of any lawn care plan. The personnel will come in at regular intervals and mow the lawns on your property. There are times when some odd-shaped or tight spots can’t be reached on the lawn and this is when the lawn care specialists will manually trim the grass. They will take care to mow and trim the grass up to the required height and will also leave some of the clippings in the grass - this provides a source of organic manure.

Lawn Care Services

When you are hiring someone for lawn care, it’s important to check whether they provide all-around solutions and are able to design customized plans for you. Every garden and yard is different and this means the lawn areas will be of different sizes and shapes. The type of soil and grass will be different too and the type of care that every installation requires will also vary, based on these aspects.

Lawn Maintenance

Turf care is a very important part of any landscape maintenance plan. Regardless of how small or big your lawn is, you would need to ensure it is cared for with regularity. You would have to discuss your requirements with the company that’s providing you with these services and ensures they are able to provide customized solutions. Typically, a good lawn maintenance plan will include mowing and de-weeding, pest control, aeration, mulching, trimming, fertilization, re-sodding and more. The experts will use organic materials to ensure the lawn stays healthy and green right around the year.

Lawn care is a specialized job and when you are hiring professionals to handle it, you want the best. The company should be well-established and reputed like Pro-Turf Outdoor Services and should be able to provide you with the kind of solutions you require, at a reasonable cost.


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