Best Landscaping & Lawn Care Services in West Michigan

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Landscape Maintenance

Do you have an ideal landscape in mind? Pro-Turf Outdoor Services can take your ideas, and pair them with our skills and creativity, to create a beautiful landscape that exceeds your expectations. After the initial project is complete, we also offer maintenance programs to assist in keeping your new landscape looking great year-round. To learn more about our Landscape Maintenance services click here.

Lawn Installation

Looking to enhance your outdoor space? Installing a new green space can provide many benefits to your outdoor living. We can provide complete lawn installation services for all residential and commercial projects. For more details about our Lawn Installation services click here.

Lawn Care

A professional lawn care plan is required to maintain your grass healthy and keep it looking beautiful. By using well-balanced treatments at the right times, you can help keep your lawn healthy and weed-free. We have a well-trained crew, and they will create a personalized lawn care strategy just for you. These treatments are pre-scheduled according to the ever-changing seasonal weather conditions for your convenience. Resolving issues such as bare or brown areas on your lawn may be time-consuming and ineffective and your grass will look patchy. Preventive maintenance is significantly more important than fixing issues that arise because of inadequate lawn management. However, we are here to tackle any issues that may arise in your grass. Every project we execute is of the highest quality, and we take pride in that. We use the most up-to-date equipment and know a lot about lawn care fertilizers and other aspects of lawn care. For more details regarding our Lawn Care Services click here.

Lawn Fertilization

We offer reliable, timely, high-quality lawn fertilization at cost-effective pricing and cater to residential and commercial clients throughout the region. Before we start treating the lawn, we assess the soil and grasses you have, using suitable products in the applications. We focus on creating sustainable grounds, and it's why we use only non-toxic, environment-friendly, organic fertilizers in our lawn care solutions. It ensures that your grass stays healthy and that no harmful chemicals affect humans. We space the fertilizer applications over the year and recommend these applications be made every six months. The frequency and timing of fertilizer applications are essential to maintaining overall grass health. Our company works with clients to understand their needs. The team is knowledgeable and experienced and knows which products will work best for your grass and lawns. They also change up the applications if needed so that your grass stays healthy and always looks good. Read More About Lawn Fertilization.

Weed Control

Many homeowners struggle to control weed growth in their gardens because the seeds of these aggressive plants spread swiftly via the air, settling in several parts of the landscape. People eventually discover that weeds have taken over their yards, garden beds, and other outdoor areas. When you call skilled professionals such as us, we will handle your weed control needs and ensure they are met to industry standards. Typically, clients choose landscape maintenance packages, which include weed control. We know from our experience that immediate intervention helps prevent the spread of weeds in your environment. Weed control solutions are an effective method for maintaining a weed-free, healthy lawn. The benefits of the treatment can last around six months if no landscape excavating operations, pets, or children interrupt these areas. When you contact us for weed management, our experts will respond promptly, and they will visit your premises to assess the landscape and propose the best choices. Click here.


Having a proper irrigation system ensures that your landscape is getting all of the necessary hydration that it needs to flourish. Our team has been trained to complete and maintain any irrigation project from start to finish, using Rainbird Products. For more details regarding our Irrigation services click here.

Athletic Field Management

Athletic field management is a necessity when it comes to ensuring the safety of your team. We provide everything from your basic lining of the sports fields to the complete new construction of a new facility. To learn more about how we can help you maintain any Athletic Field click here.

Power Washing

The curb appeal of your property sets the tone for the first impression your home or business makes. Power washing is a great way to keep your outdoor space looking fresh and new, long after its installation. Click here to learn about our Power washing services.

Snow & Ice Management

The snow season in Michigan can be grueling and unpredictable. Our company offers full-service snow removal for residential and commercial customers. Everything from plowing and sidewalk maintenance to salting services and liquid brining, Pro-Turf Outdoor Services has you covered. For details about our Snow & Ice Management services click here.